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Digitalization in Bankura

It’s the era of Digitalization, everyone’s adapting themselves to digitalization and Bankura Municipality was no exception. Bankura becomes more digitalized day by day by adapting itself to this era.

When it comes to digitalization, Team TCB must be mentioned.

The first all-in-one Business Solution Provider company in Bankura changed the mode of advertisement in the town. Bankura became one of the fastest Municipalities in India to complete 1st dose of covid vaccination. This happens in a very organized way.

Bankura Municipality & Team TCB took the initiative to make the Covisafe Bankura.

Website & app for registration for covid vaccination. Not only do they run campaigns, but they also register all types of people. Some of them don’t have smartphones, and some of them don’t use the internet but still, they reach all the people by maintaining all the protocols and managing the whole vaccination drive according to the need.

Video series - Team TCB/Bankura's Leading Digital Marketing Company/ All-in-one Business Solution Provider in Bankura/ Best team in Bankura/ Best Software service provider in Bankura

Team TCB started a video series to share the tips & tricks of business growth & creating awareness about the importance of Digitalization in Bankura in the business aspect.

Now all types of businesses are coming forward to do Digital Marketing and strengthen their digital presence with digital marketing packages and website & app development.

There are many businesses in Bankura which are running only on online mode, not having any showroom or shop. Sales & presentations are happening on the online mode. Consumers & Seller both adapting this digitalization of Bankura for a better Livelihood.

Not only the Municipality area , Business from the small town and village can see the scope of the Digital market. They are coming forward making their sales high & growing their business.

Team TCB standing out one of main aspects of this digital revolution in Bankura with a mission of making Bankura more digitalized.

Now it’s your turn to be part of this digital revolution if you’re still not !! Let’s make Bankura better.