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B.E.N.A Website Development

Bankura Exploration Nature Academy, we are the premier mountaineering organization of South Bengal since 1995. Till now we have completed five Expeditions, several trekking, and rock climbing camps, nature study camps and several social activities. Our member Subhas Paul summited Mt. Everest in the year 2016, Any body of any age can join with us, Non-governant organizations commonly know as NOO, non-profit organizations mal work independently without the enc of the governments. There are entries of NO such operation character community-based amping etc. Trane organocations pay is Val row in softy’s development. Bankura Exploration Nature Academy (BENA) is aiming to increase enthusiasm among people and get addicted to exploring nature with the most significant advantages. Bankura Exploration Nature Academy (BENA) pioneer mountaineering organization where we supply the antigen to the courageous people who want to lose in nature exploration to find true peace. Trekking, nature exploring, coastal trekking, desert trekking’s, cycling, hiking’s, rock climbing courses are offered by us! We’re Gladly announcing that Team TCB is Officially developing the website of Bankura Exploration Nature Academy (BENA).
B.E.N.A. Website Development

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