Learning Lab

Learning Lab

In 2020 Covid was introduced and as everything the education system was also too much damaged through world. In that meantime we made 10 App for 10 different teacher to teach the students.

Through this App we use very easy and user-friendly interface and system so that every student can avail this.
Through this app Teacher can upload their lectures/classes,notes. They can also give assignment or homework. They can teach the students via video call also. And they can also take exam through this. Gallery,smart chatting through facebook, contact support,about us portal e everything were there ,on the App.
Through out the pandemic situation and in now also they teach through this Apps, and over 800+ students currently uses the Apps.

And we can produly say that from the very beginning we arw able to support our education system through online mode in tbis remote places by our Apps.


App Link - http://83092917-d8c8-4b82-b554-be093e868342.mobapp.at/

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