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Website/webpage is the Online Presentation of Your Sector/business Purpose. Digitalized Your Sector or Business Infrastructure Online Through the Website/webpage. But Every Sector Has Its Own Needs & Requirements, Which Means You Can’t Order Your Pizza From Flipkart or You Can’t Buy a Wristwatch From Zomato. That’s Why Every Sector Has a Different Website Because of Their Client/ Audience’s Needs. For example, an Institute Has a Portfolio-type Website Where the Institution Can Define Itself and Make a Management System for Their Member Like Student Profiles, Professor Profiles Etc. Here We Give a Brief Description of Different Types of Websites in Different Types of Sectors to Gain a Concept of What Type of Website You Required for Your Work. If You are Searching for the Best website design and development company in Bankura, then You have to Come to TEAM TCB because we provide professional website and app development service in Bankura.

Type of websites

➼ Websites That You Required For Gym / Fitness Centre :

Websites that you required for a gym or fitness centre is the Portfolio Website. Where the Owner Enlists the Package of Their Course, a Registration Section for New Candidates, and a Payment Section. Or They Add Various Articles on Fitness and an Online Section Where They Can Merge With Their Clients Globally. Team TCB enlisted their name as the Best website design and development company in Bankura.

➼ For Restaurant Purposes :

The Most Popular and Important Business Sector is the Food Sector or Restaurant Sector. Data Management Like Food Stock Management, Table Reservation, and Short Description of Your Sector Specialty Add to Your Website. Home Delivery Option is Also a Part of This. A Management-type Website is Suitable for This Sector. It Gives Extra and Unique Services While Competing With Others. Without the Help of a Website, These Services Are Very Costly for You & Non-reachable to Your Client. Therefore TEAM TCB is solving these problems by providing affordable website and app development service in Bankura.

➼ Websites That You Required For Educational/ Institution Sector :

In the Educational/ Institution Sector Website is a Vast and Important Part as We Saw in This Pandemic. If There Was No Digital Presence in the Educational Sector Then the Youth of Every Nation Went Wild and the Educational System Was Fully Demolished, but the Online Presence or Institution Web Portal Was Act as the Light of Hope for the Student Generation During the Pandemic. It is a Portfolio-type Website Where the Institution Makes an Institutional Management System Where They Can Enlist Their Member’s Profiles Including Students, and They Can Also Make an Exam Portal, an Attendance Chart for Students, One on One Consultancy Service, and Lots More. In the Private Institution Sector, They Can Use an SMS Trigger Action Where They Can Directly Inform the Parents About Their Child’s Performance, Actions and Skills. in That Way the Development Process of the Student, as well as the Institute, Will Be Increased, as a Result.

➼Website That You Required For NGO Sector :

If Your Ngo Really Wants to Do Something for the Poor & Needy People, Then the Ngo Should Be Socialized and Globalized. Without Globalized Your Ngo Could Not Get the Sufficient Fund for Work. In This Sector Digitalized is the One & Only Option for Spreading Ngo Work to the People. Websites that You Required for an NGO should Describe Every Detail of Your Organization Like a Portfolio of Your NGO. Also, Add a Section for the Payment Gateway Section for the Donator. 

➼ Departmental Store :

Grocery is Our Daily Need. It is Too Boring & Difficult to Collect Groceries Every Day. That’s Why the Online Revolution in the Grocery Sector Has Successfully Risen. People Can Easily Get Their Needy Products With Just One Tap! This Only Happens When This Sector Adds Its Selling Sector Online Through a Website. Departmental Store and Grocery Sections Are the Same, So Their Website Design & Functions Are Almost the Same. Where They Add Some Sections or Categories to Their Website to Purchase Products and Handle Their Target Audience Professionally. Categories or Functions Like Product Showcase Features Are Attached to This Website Where People Can See Your Variety of Best Deals. A Stock Management System Where the Owner or Management Section of Your Organization Gets Aware of Your Stock. Through the Website, You Can Easily Publish Your Ads and services among Your Customer and Targeted Audience at a Low Cost. In This Online Era, You Can Also Add Home Delivery Services and Facilities to Your Departmental Store Website. If you have a departmental store then shift it to online, for that sake you should have a website for your store. Create it with the best website design and development company in Bankura (Team TCB).

 Because Begining is a Great Progress!

➼ Technical Store :

When You Want a New Phone & Laptop, First Checked Online, Then You Make a Decision. Here We Already Know the Importance of a Website in the Tech Section is So High. If You Have a Tech Product or Servicing Store Then You Have to Add the Online / Digital Presence of Your Sector in Your Business, Where Your Targeted Audience as Well as Your Customer See Your Products, Variety, Public Reviews, and Best Deals Compared to Other Places. Through Your Website, You Can Give 100% of Your Effort and Service Related to Your Business. A Stock Management Service is Attached to This Website Where You Can Manage Your Stock, Service, and Clients. It’s a Portfolio and Stock Management Type. Your Clients and Targeted Audiences Get Your Service & Facilities at Home. If you own a mobile shop or any technical gadget shop then Team TCB is here to help you by providing website and app development service in Bankura. 

➼ Websites For Hotel/Motel Sector:

The Hotel or Room Booking Sector is Now Very Much an Offensive & Trending Section in Business Categories. Websites that You Required for Hotel/Motel Sector should have a Portfolio-type Section Where You Add a Short Description of Hotels, Rooms, and Services. Add a Booking System Where People Can Search Their Criteria on That Particular Day When They Go There. A Filter Section Where the Targeted Audience Search Their Criteria on Their Demand Like Luxury Rooms, AC Rooms, Non- AC Rooms Etc., and Gets More Excited to Use Your Site and a Payment Gateway Section Where Your Clients Book Their Room in Advance, Through Your Website You Can Find Your Loyal Client That’s a Great Achievement for Your Business & Services.

➼ E-commerce Website :

An E-commerce Website is a Great Revolutionary Idea for This Generation. It’s a Great Startup. All Types of Function Facilities Are Included on This Website. Portfolio Section Where Products Are Showing With Their Use, Review, and Great Deals. A Stock Management System Where Products Stocks and Availability Are Managed. A CRM Function Where You Can Take Care of Your Loyal Customer, Targeted Audience, and Dealers. And a Payment Gateway Section Where Buyers Can Buy Your Products. The Most Important Profit for Having a Website is When You Add Your Business Online the Whole World is Your Customer and the E-commerce Website is the Finest Example of This Statement. We also started our Journey through Necessity eStore which is a big E-commerce platform for Indian handicrafts, it’s a big success for us. Whenever you want a E-commerce platform for your business or want to switch your business to online E-commerce website is the best choice for you. For this TEAM TCB is always here to help you as the best website design and development company in Bankura.

➼Websites That You Required For Hospital/Medical Sector :

Features Required for the Hospital / Medical Sector Website Are- a Schedule/ Doctor Appointment System Where the Patient or Patient’s Family Books an Appointment or Can Search for Other Important Information Depending on Their Criteria. A Call-to-action Feature Where Someone Calls an Ambulance in an Emergency for the Patient. A Portfolio Section Where People Can Find the Costing and Services Hospitals or the Medical Sector Provides. And Last, a Payment Gateway Section Where the Patient or the Patient’s Family Paid Their Bill With Cards, Insurance, or Any Other Option. After all the Websites that You Required for the Hospital or Medical Sector are Advance Portfolio Types. If you own a hospital or any medical sector then Team TCB is here to help you by providing website and app development service in Bankura. 

➼Websites That You Required For Law Firm :

A Law Firm or a Lawyer’s Website is Attached With a Portfolio Section Where the Firm Described the Case File and Specialist Lawyer on That Type of Case.   a Contact Section Where Your Client Can Contact With Your Firm or You. Your Client or Targeted Audience Can Easily Estimated They’re Costing Through Your Website. And a Payment Gateway Section is Very Important for All Types of Websites. It is Also Important for This Type Also.

 the Library Management System is Also an Important Issue for Restoring the Value of Readers and the Education System. This Management System is Statically Stock Management With Rising the Demand for Books and Their Availability. Through Websites, Ai Implementations Have Also Risen and Businesses or Enter penmanship Have Merged With Technologies, Selling Rates Become Good to Higher and Their Brand Values Are Also Developed. The Whole World is in Your Wrist. It’s a Great Development for Society if Society is Good Then the Nation Feels Happy!

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